Raypak Heater
Your pool and spa is a long-term investment that you, your family and friends will enjoy year after year. Now, there's an easier way to enjoy that investment more often, more reliably and more efficiently throughout the year,the Raypak pool and spa heater.
AquaComfort pool heaters are designed with advanced technology to work effectively down to 40 degrees. This simply means you’ll get more “performance BTU’s” from AquaComfort than any other heat pump available. Performance BTU’s allow AquaComfort to generate heat for your pool for hundreds of hours that the competition simply cannot.
Hayward H-Series Heater 
Hayward is always looking for ways to make pool and spa ownership as simple and effortless as possible. The latest example of this is the new universal h series pool and spa heater. Combing advanced technology with universal fit flexibility, it’s a smart choice for virtually any new installation or existing system upgrade. Delivering state of the industry performance are offered in 150K, 250K, 300K, 350K, and 400K BTU/hr units.